Our users are all over the world......

We have clients worldwide, for example, South-East Asians such as South Korea (Daegu, Paju-si), Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, India (Mumbai, New Delhi), Indonesia, Pakistan; European countries such as Spain (Madrid, Tenerife), Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey (Istanbul, Konya); North America such as USA, Canada (Toronto, Trois-rivers, Winnipeg); South America such as Uruguay, Chile, Guatemala; Mid East such as Palestine, Syria; African countries such as Tanzania (Arusha, Moshi), Kenya (Nairobi, Nakuru, Malindi), Algeria, Cote D'Ivoire, Morocco (Tangier, Casablanca). Domestic clients such as Fujian NanWang, Hebei NanWang, Hubei NanWang, Hefei NanWang, Guangdong Detpak, Kunshan Hongjinkai, Wuxi Hualite, Shanghai Maihe, Hebei BeiWang, Nanjing Bangcheng, and Hefei Kuaima, etc...

ABB (China) Co., Ltd.
Nordson Corporation
Siemens AG, Germany
Sick Sensor Co., Ltd.
Schneider Electric Co., Ltd.
American Valve Group
SKF Group
Germany BST International Co., Ltd.
Italy Re Co., Ltd.